Sunday, 10 March 2013

Namadaholige/Naamadallige/Rice Burfi

Happy Maha Shivaratri to all of you..This is a simple and very rustic traditional sweet made out of rice and jaggery.I always loved sweets made out of jaggery than sugar ones because jaggery has more nutritional value compared to sugar.Naamadallige or naamadaholige is a rare traditional sweet used to prepare in olden days during Shivaratri festival  using Tambittu flour or roasted rice powder along with tambittu and other delicacies.I got this recipe from my maternal grandmother..She used to tell in olden days i mean 40-50years ago, when there were no bakeries,sweet shops etc people used to prepare simple and easy sweets and savouries for snacking  using the ingredients available at home.Naamdallige is one such easy and healthy sweet and can be consumed little more without feeling guilty.I dedicate this post to my grandmother who was a great cook. She is no more with us..but her words and recipes are still remembered with you ajji..miss u..

Rice-2cups or Tambittu flour-1cup
Poppy seeds/Gasgase-1tbsp
Grated dry coconut/Kobari-1/2cup
Dry roasted dehusked peanuts/kadlebeeja-1/2cup
Puff Channa/Hurigadle/kadle-1/2cup
Cardamom powder-1/2tsp
Ghee-1tbsp and extra for greasing tray

1.To prepare roasted rice powder or tambittu flour,dry roast the rice flour till light brown and nice aroma comes, grind it into fine powder or milled it .Take 1cup of roasted rice powder.
2.In a vessel add jaggery and 2cups of water boil until the jaggery is fully dissolved in water.
3.Meanwhile coursly crush peanuts and puff channa and grease the tray or plate with ghee and keep it aside.
4.When the jaggery syrup begins to boil,add cardamom,grated dry coconut, crushed Peanut and puff channa and ghee mix well.
5.Stir the mixture slowly add rice powder and mix well,close the lid and keep on a low flame for 5minutes.
6.Take out  of the flame remove the lid and transfer the mixture to greased tray or plate and evenly pat the mixture on the plate
.Leave it to cool.Cut into desired shapes and serve.

Sending to Swati's

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