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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lauki/Dudhi/Doodhi Halwa/Bottle Gourd/Sorekayi Halwa

Usually Lauki /bottlegourd we think of only making subji when we get it from the market,today why not try something like sweet and delicious halwa for this Navaratri.This light green rich,creamy delicious halwa is perfect for any occasion to serve as a dessert.Preparation is very similar to carrot halwa. Lauki is a vegetable with coolant property which is good for the body.It will help to remove excess heat and any inflammation from the body.It is also good for diabetic people and heart patients.Happy Navaratri to all of you.
Home made khoya-2-3Tbsp
Cardamom powder-1/2tsp
1.First thing is  grating lauki, wash lauki and peel the outer skin and grate the lauki with the help of a traditional manual grater or with a food processor.
2.Roughly squeeze  out the juice from grated lauki by hands.
3.Heat a pressure cooker pan and add ghee and let it melt,when it begins to melt
add grated lauki and fry for 2-3 minutes.
4.When the water begin to evaporate add milk and pressure cook the lauki for one whistle.
5.After taking out the cooker lid,continue cooking in a cooker on a medium heat with out closing the lid stirring occasionally.
6.When the mixture is slowly thickening,add khoya, sugar and cardamom and cook on a low flame stirring continously. This is the crucial time you need to give attention as it will be leaving the oil and ready in any minute.
7.When it begins to leave oil take out of the flame.
8.Heat a small tempering kadai,heat tsp of ghee,when it begins to melt fry cashewnuts and raisins until cashews becomes golden brown and raisins puffs up.
9.Add  fried cashews and raisins to halwa and serve hot or cold,both ways tastes nice.
1.I have not added any food colour to the halwa as it as a natural pale green colour from
lauki.If you want bit more colour you can add green food colour,
2.Cooking in pressure cooker saves lot of time and will be done in one pot.
3.Don't add sugar before lauki is properly cooked.
4.It is advisable to fry lauki in ghee to get rid of the raw smell.
5.Make sure to use thick bottom pan and cook on  low medium flame.
6.This halwa will keep well 3-4days  in the refrigirator.
7.I have used homemade instant khoya,you can also use condensed milk but
reduce or skip the addition of sugar.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sorekaayi Thovve

Thovve is basically dal  prepared with vegetables and grinded fresh coconut,the dish will be less spicy and flavourful.It is very light on tummy  especially  for kids ...You can use any vegetables you have to prepare this.Moong dal can also be used but I prefer to use toordal,This is one of  my comfy food when I am feeling lazy...I hope yours too..))

Sorekaayi/Dudhi/Bottle guard-1,medium
Fresh Coconut-1/4cup
Green chillies-3
Lemon juice-2tbsp
Curry leaves-1 sprig
Dry redchillies-2

1.Wash,peel and cut dudhi into cubes.
2.Wash dal and pressure cook dal and dudhi
along with 3cups of water,pinch turmeric for
3-4 whistles.
3.Grind the coconut and greenchillies,coarsly
without adding water.
4.Add the grinded mixture into the cooked dal,
add salt and boil for 5-10 minutes,take out of
heat add lemon juice.

5.Heat a ghee or oil in a tempering kadai or spatula,
add mustard seeds when they begin to splutter add dry
chilles,curry leaves and hing,take out of the heat
Immediatly add this tempering to the dal and mix well.
Serve hot with steaming rice and ghee on top...yum yum