Friday, 8 April 2011

Easy Sambhar

Sambhar as you all know is a typical South Indian dish and is a everyday staple food in every household in South India.Sambhar is mixture of lentils and vegetables cooked with spices and tamarind.Each state in the South prepares it with a typical variation, adapted to its taste and environment.There are so many variations and methods to prepare sambhar,but I find this method very easy ,quick and tasty...You can use any veggies of your choice or you can prepare only any one or two vegetables together like doodhi,ridgegourd,drumstick,Snakegourd,potatoes with onions to name a few. You can use as much as veggies you like.

Toor Dal/Tuvar/Togari bele-1cup
Turmeric-1/4 tsp
Green Chilles-2,slited
Sambhar powder-1 1/2tsp( any brand, I use Mtr sambhar powder)
Tamarind-small lemon sized
Tomato-1 big
Few Curry Leaves
Salt to taste
Fresh or desicated coconut-1tbsp
Drumstick-1,peeled and chopped into 3inch pieces
Carrot-1,cut into roundels
Indian Brinjal-2,cut into lenthwise pieces
Potato-1medium sized
Beans-5-6,cot into 2halves
For tempering:
Dry red chillies-2
Methi seeds-4-5 seeds
Curry leaves-few

1.Chop all the vegetables into chunky size pieces.Wash and rinse tamarind in warm water for 15minutes,squeeze the juice from pulp and keep it aside.Wash toordal and rinse for 15-20minutes in water.
2.Boil 2/1/2cup -3cups of water in a pressure cooker pan,when it begin to boil add rinsed toordal,turmeric and all the above ingredients including vegetables,tamarind juice and sambhar powder,close the lid and whistle,pressure cook for 2-3 whistles.Wait for pressure to release.Open the lid and add jaggery and boil for
few minutes.
3.Heat oil or ghee in a small tadka pan,add mustard,wait until it splutters then add methi,hing,dry chillies and curry leaves fry for second and add this to sambhar.
This sambhar goes well with steaming rice,dosa,idli or vada.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Godhi/Whole Wheat Laadoo For Ugadi

I got this ladoo recipe from my friend Vani,this is  very easy and tasty ladoo recipe,It will keep for 3-4 days in air tight container,proportion of the sugar you can adjust to your taste.Perfect for any occassions and festivals. 
Happy UGADI to all my fellow bloggers and visitors!
Whole wheat flour-1cup(I used pilsbury atta)
Handful of raisins and cashewnuts

1.Powder the sugar along with cardamom and keep it aside.
2.roast the wheat flour with tbsp of ghee until the rawness of the flour is gone and until nice aroma comes.
3.Fry dry fruits with little ghee and keep it aside.
4.Take out of the heat,mix powdered sugar,ghee and fried dry fruits to the roasted flour and mixwell.
5.Take a hand ful of mixture and make them into round shaped balls,if you are not getting them into balls add more melted ghee and try.