Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My First Award Celebration!!

This the happy moment for me,cos i was not taken blogging this serious before as now,even i started 2years ago. Thank you so much for your love,support and appreciation  girls...I didn't expect this much love from you guys in such a less period of time...thank you so much once again...

Thanks!!Pavitra for giving my first award.
This awards comes  with couple of  rules..1.Have to share with fellow bloggers,who you think they deserve.
2.you have to share 10 honest things about you

Ten things about me:
1.I  am simple person with little ambitions in a big world.
2.I believe praying God works, when things go wrong.
3.Cooking is become a passion for me after marriage
4.Love to travel around the world.
5.I used to bake,when i feel low and sad.
6.Good thing happen to me are my husband and my son.
7.Adventure  is not my cup of tea.i hate it.
8.I love to cook and entertain people around me.
9.I like to gossip about films.
10.I like to eat pakodas and feel cosy at home,when it is raining outside.

I like to share this award with...
Sonu of Palatecorner
Niveditha of Niveditha's kitchen
Nithu of  Nithubala.com
Radhika Vasanth of Foodfor7stagesoflife
Asha of oceanichope
Usha of Sizzling indian recipes,Plz check out their blogs,you will be amazed !!

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