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Friday, 4 September 2009


Bisibele bath is one of the famous dish of karnataka.This is 2 in 1dish which is great for picnics and outdoors.

Bisi bele bhaath
(Kannada: ಬಿಸಿ ಬೇಳೆ ಭಾತ್) is a rice-based dish with its origins in the state of Karnataka, India. Bisi-bele-bhaath translates to hot-lentil-rice in the Kannada language. It is also known as Bisi bele huliyanna. The traditional preparation of this dish is quite elaborate and involves the use of spicy masala, toor dal (a form of lentil) and vegetables. Spices like nutmeg and asafoetida, curry leaves and tamarind pulp used in its preparation contribute to the unique flavour and taste of this dish. It is served hot and sometimes eaten along with salad, papad or potato chips. This dish is commonly found in restaurants that serve the Udupi cuisine. The masala to be used for Bisi bele bath is now available off the shelf in grocery stores of India. Ready-to-eat satchets of Bisi bele bath can also be found. A restaurant famous for this dish in Bangalore is the Mavalli Tiffin Room.


Rice -2cup
Toor dal - 1 cup
Water-approx 7-8cups
Green peas/avarekaalu(vaalbeans) – 1cup
Peanuts – 1/2 cup
Carrots - 1cup
Beans - 1cup
Potatoes -1cup
Onion - 1 large
Tamarind – lemon size
Dry coconut grated - 1 cup
Salt to taste

To Make powder

Red chillies -10
Coriander seeds –1tbsp
Bengal gram dhal – 1tbsp
Urad dhal -1tbsp
Cinnamon sticks - 3
Cloves – 4
peppercorns-1/2 tsp

For tempering

Ghee- 2 tbsp
Curry leaves-2sprigs
Red chillies-2


Dry roast the above ingredients and grind in to fine powder.
Cook the rice in a separate container.Cook toor dal and vegetables in a pressure cooker.
Mix rice and dal mixture, now add salt and Tamarind juice and allow it to cook well for about 10 to 15 mins. Add the powder and cook well for 20 minutes.Add grated copra.

For Tadka:

Heat oil, add mustard seeds,hing chillies and curry leaves until splutter. Now add to the rice and mix well. Pour ghee and fried cashew nuts on top.

Serve hot with potato chips.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Mosaaranna/Curd Rice

Cooked rice (cooled) – 1 cup
Oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard – ½ tsp
Jeera – ½ tsp
Channa dal – ½ tsp
Urad dal – ½ tsp
Crushed ginger – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – 8 to 10
Green chillies – 2 t o 3
Pomegranate / seedless grapes – ½ cup
Yoghurt – 1cup
Fresh coriander – 2 tbsp
Salt to taste

1. Prepare the rice and keep aside
2. Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard and jeera
3. When it begins to splutter add dals
4. Add green chillies, crushed ginger and curry leaves, fry but don’t burn
5. Add salt to taste. Leave it to cool
6. Add above seasoning, coriander and yoghurt to the rice, mix well
7. Garnish with pomegranate seeds or grapes.

Serve with pickles.