Thursday, 29 July 2010

Magical Banana Flower

After so many days I am posting,because of my health problems I am not able to interact with you guys,I felt like its been ages I haven't sit before my pc.Any ways I  am very exicited it is my 100th post !!.My 100th post is all about womens health.All these days I was worrying about my health so much and atlast I got solution for that I am very happy and I want to share my story with all of you.This post is dedicated to those ladies and girls who suffer like me,it is common problem of ladies...which is irregular periods and heavybleeding, it is also called Menorrhoea.I was struggling from 6months with irregular periods but from last 2months,when I got my periods the periods last upto 20 -25 days, it really made me worry,because it was very heavy I need to change every hour,you can imagine how much I have suffered.I consulted doctor,he prescribed me Norethisterone tablets 3-4 a day and told me to get pelvic scanning and to take tablets until my scan is done.The problem of sterone tablets is, as you take tablet immediatly the flow will stop but if you skip one time also within an hour you will start to bleed again and you will bleed more than normal,in the sense HORRIBLE!.As you all know in service is free and good but you have to wait for your term so I had to wait for atleast 4weeks until I was told  to take tablets.I was horrified by the thought of taking so many tablets for a month.I wanted natural solution, I searched the internet  for natural remedies and got a solution for heavy bleeding.Luckily! found out solution which is eating cooked banana flower with curds,which helps to stop bleeding and it is referred as effective medicine for menstrual disorder in Ayurveda, really it works amazingly!!!,luckly I got banana flower in a Srilankan grocery shop which I usually visit.I bought it and cleaned[for cleaning atleast you need four hands:))] and I simply made a stirfry and ate it with yogurt, I ate little by little throughout the day but finished the whole prep.A day before  doing this I  stopped taking tablets completely.I admit it was very bitter and astringent in taste but it worked amazingly,gradually my flow reduced and stopped within 2 days and this month I got my periods and my flow was normal and stopped within 5 days so my friends if you come across this type of situation please try this remedy, really it works naturally because banana flower is said to increase the quantity of progesterone and hence reduces the bleeding.I hope this will help you..If you have any queries regarding this remedy please feel free to ask.I will be posting recipe in my next post.

Menstruation treatment with Banana Flower: Home Remedy for Heavy Menstruation
One banana flower should be cooked and consumed with one cup of curd. This will increase the quantity of progesterone and decrease the bleeding.

Menstruation treatment with Coriander Seeds: Home Remedy for Heavy Menstruation:
Coriander seeds are also helpful in the treatment of excessive menstruation. Six grams/1tsp of these seeds should be boiled in half a litre of water/3cups water and this decoction should be taken off the fire whenonly half the water left. Add sugar to it and the patient should drink it when it is still warm. One of the popular home remedies for menstruation.