Saturday, 18 July 2015

Water Melon Rind Dosa/Kalangadi Hannina Sippe Dose

As all of us know that most of the fruits nutrition contains in their outer skin,peelings and rind but still most of us discard them and consume only the fruit.Today I am posting this  dosa recipe which is made up of  rind of a watermelon.This recipe is perfect for summer which is lighter and cooling on stomach and easily digestible. The watermelon rind is having lot of health benefits and helps in improving immune system,nervous system and eye health to name a few.

Water melon rind-2cups
Fresh coconut-1/4cup
Green chillies-2-3
Ginger-small piece
Oil for preparing dosa as required
Salt to taste  

1.Wash and soak rice for 4-5hours,Grind rice along with coconut,watermelon rind,green chillies,ginger and jeera into fine paste adding little water.
2.Add water to make it thin as buttermilk consistency.
3.Add salt to taste.mix well, no need to ferment.Prepare dosa's like neer dosa.
4.Heat tawa,take a ladle full of batter and spinkle first outwards in a circle then fill the gaps
 evenly,sprinkle little oil over dosa.
5.No need to cook both sides of dosa.Fold twice and serve with coconut chutney or any vegetable side dish.

1.Don't throw the watermelon peels when you finish the fruit,wash them and carefully 
cut the rind part, the part between the green outer skin and the red part of the fruit.
which is white or pinkish in colour.
2.Chop them into pieces and use.
3.If you want more spice you can use more chilies.
4.No need to ferment the batter,and it will stay in refrigirator for 2-3 days.

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