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Monday, 25 May 2015

Cut Mango Pickle/ Mavinakayi Uppinakayi

Spring and summer is the season for lot of exotic fruits, Mango is one of them and a popular one.No doubt it is called king of fruits.Fruits are liked by every one but raw mangoes are equally popular,some varieties are eaten as a snack with salt and chilli powder but most raw varieties that too very sour ones are used for making pickles.The tangy sour taste of pickles surely makes everyone's mouth water and simply irresistible, who can resist the combo of pickle and curd rice.Many other fruits like lemons,limes,bitter lemons(heralikayi),gooseberry and many veggies like carrot,cucumber,tomato etc are also pickled. Among varieties of  pickle,mango pickle is a popular choice. I am sharing my Grand mothers recipe with you so get set and happy pickling this summer...

Raw green mangoes/Mavinakayi-7-8

Rock salt-1/3cup

For Pickle Masala Powder:
Mustard seeds-4Tbsp
Methi seeds-4Tbsp

For Tempering:
Mustard seeds-1tsp


1. Dry roast the methi seeds and mustard seeds seperately on a low flame until they began to splutter,take out of  the flame,cool and grind into a fine powder.You need only 11/2 Tbsp of powder for this recipe.Store the rest of the powder in a airtight container for other pickle or thokku recipes.

2.Wash the mangoes thoroughly and wipe them dry,make sure they are thoroughly dry.

3.Cut them into bite size pieces and put them into a large bowl,add rock salt mix well and fill them to cleanly washed and dried glass jar.Keep it in a dark place  covered with a clean towel around the jar for 2-3 weeks.Once in 2-3days just take the jar shake it well and keep it.You need to repeat this for 2-3 weeks.

4.After 3 weeks take out the mango pieces into a clean bowl,add chillipowder and methi mustard powder ( 11/2Tbsp) mix well.

5.Heat a oil in a small pan,add mustard seeds when they began to splutter add asafoetida and take out the  heat.Completely cool the tempering,add to the mango pieces and mix well.

6.After mixing well refill the jar and keep it for one more week .when the mango pieces become tender it is ready for use.

7.Serve as accompaniment to any dish or a simple curd rice. 

1.Always choose green and firm mangoes for pickling.
2.Adjust the salt and  spices according to your preference and sourness of the mangoes.
3.Make sure that to use clean and dry spoons while taking out pickles.A little moisture can spoil the pickles very easily.
4.After the soaking time and the pickles are tender, store the jar in refrigirator.
5.Using gingelly oil/sesame oil  will give good results,I have used sunflower oil.